Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to build a Radius Ceiling- in this case an Oval Ceiling

Installing a radius tray ceiling or what I like to simply call an Oval Ceiling is a piece of cake. The hardest part about building this type of ceiling is figuring how big you want it to be. Yep it is that easy! First you want to frame a box in your ceiling. In order for your ceiling to be an Oval, the box has to be a rectangle. Why? if your box is a square then it would be a circle, but you guys already know that! :) So once you have finished framing your box, measure inside to inside the lenght and width. Once you have these key measurements, give Archways and Ceilings a call to place your order. You will notice that Radius Tray Ceilings are not on the website, but that means nothing. Many products we sell are not on the website, so if you ever have a curved ceiling or archway and you don't see it on our site, then call us. Because if it is curved I am almost 100% positive we can build it for you! Ok...ok... Let's get back on track. Once you have placed your order with Archways and Ceilings we will ship you your order to the jobsite so it will be there first thing in the morning waiting to be installed. Now for the easy part. The oval ceiling comes precut to fit your opening so all you are going to do is follow the instructions and nail into place. Yep... I said it once and I said it before it is really that easy. Don't Believe me..... Watch this video below!

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